Ah pumpkin pie… a Thanksgiving staple and one of my favorite pies of all time. I don’t think I have gone one year without having at least one slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Well this year, rather than buying the canned pumpkin puree, I felt really inspired to make my pie using a real pumpkin, and surprisingly it was easier than I thought it would be. Fortunately, almost all grocery stores sell those really cute, little 2-3 lb sugar pumpkins and that is what I used to make the pumpkin puree out of.

I did go convenient on the pie crust and bought an already made crust by the brand Wholly Wholesome, which I found in the frozen section at Whole Foods. I mean, who really has time to make a homemade pumpkin pie and homemade crust when you are home all day with a very busy toddler, while also preparing food for Thanksgiving and his third birthday, which just so happens to fall on Turkey Day this year. Needless to say, this momma needed some convenience here, which is why I’m calling this recipe a Homemade-ish Pumpkin Pie.

The great news is that this recipe is dairy-free and refined-sugar-free, which is always a plus in my book!

Now let’s talk about the ingredients you will need to make this delicious pie:

2-3 lb sugar pumpkin 
coconut sugar 
unsweetened almond milk 
pasture raised eggs 
pumpkin pie spice 
vanilla extract arrowroot powder or cornstarch 
Pre-bakedpie crust @whollywholesome 

I can not wait for to make this yummy pie for your family this Thanksgiving! If you do, be sure to comment below or tag me on instagram at www.instagram.com/healthymommamanda



1 2-3 lb sugar pumpkin 
1 cup coconut sugar 
1/2 cup almond milk 
2 pasture raised eggs 
1 tbsp cinnamon 
1 tsp nutmeg 
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice 
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp arrowroot powder or cornstarch 
1 Pre-baked pie crust @whollywholesome 


Pumpkin purée: 
Preheat to 350 F.
Line baking tray with parchment paper. 
Cut your pumpkin in half and scoop out seeds and strings. Drizzle the pumpkin flesh with avocado or coconut oil and pinch of salt. 
Place the flesh down on baking sheet and pierce your pumpkin with a fork a few times. 
Bake for 45-50 minutes until a fork can easily poke through the skin. Let cool for about 10 minutes and then scoop out your pumpkin and place into a high speed blender. 
Blend until smooth purée forms. 
Set aside. 

Pie: In a large bowl, whisk together your sugar and eggs. Then add in your pumpkin purée, milk, spices, vanilla and arrowroot powder (add arrowroot powder only if your filling some a bit liquidy) Pour your filling into your pie crust and bake for about an hour at 350 or until the center has set. 
Serve with your favorite whipped cream and enjoy!