Did you know that there are many benefits to eating seasonally?

For starters, it can save you money. When you buy your produce in season from local farms or businesses, generally speaking, you can expect to pay less for your produce. Think about just how far your off- season fruit and vegetable have to travel just to get to your local grocery store. The importing and traveling of those out of season produce is the reason that it is so expensive.

Another benefit is that your fruits and vegetables will also be much richer in flavor. When your produce has been harvested at the right time, you absolutely know the difference immediately. I remember how incredible the tomatoes were that we used to get from the Local farmers market in Southern California. Never in my life had I been able to bite into a tomato and eat it like an apple!

The next benefit to eating seasonally is that your produce will be more nutrient dense. When something is harvested too early, it’s flavor profile never fully develops. Another factor to consider is that once your produced is picked, it immediately begins to lose its nutritional value. So that fruit or veggie that has to travel long distances to get to your plate, has lost some nutritional benefits amid the way.

Lastly, it’s better for the environment. As I previously mentioned, off season produce typically has to be transporting across the globe, which has a way bigger impact on the environment compared to a local delivery of produce to a farmers market or local grocery store.

For those reasons, eating seasonally has been something I have become more mindful of over the years. And if you’re just starting to learn about what fruits and vegetables go with what season, no need to worry… One of my favorite supplement brands Truvani, created this beautiful “Eat Seasonally” recipe book. It has a ton of incredible meals that go along with each season, and one of my recipes just-so-happens to be featured in it, as well!

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