These days my mornings are pretty busy having a toddler to chase after, so having a convenient and simple recipe to start our day off is clutch! Just being able to open the fridge and have an already made breakfast saves me a ton of time in the kitchen. For these reasons, my coconut chia pudding is by far one of my favorite go-to recipes! An added bonus is that you can have it for breakfast or for dessert (yes, you read that correctly!!). It is light, refreshing, creamy and you can take it to another level by adding all the toppings your little heart desires! 

This chia pudding has become a hit in my household because of its convenience and its versatility and the good news is no matter how or when you choose to eat it, you will be fully satisfied! 

If you’re thinking this might not keep you full for breakfast, think again! This baby is packed with protein, fiber, fat and other important vitamins and nutrients which will leave you feeling satiated. For breakfast, I like to top it with fresh berries and chopped nuts (either raw almonds or raw walnuts for some added crunch and protein). For dessert I like adding fresh berries, chocolate chips, and whipped cream!! Those are just a few options you could go with but once again the choices are endless. I promise that you really can’t go wrong here!! 

Now lets take a look at the nutritional breakdown of this delicious goodness: 

  1. Chia seeds contain protein, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, iron and calcium.
  2. Coconut milk (I prefer full fat) is packed with vitamins and medium-chain triglycerides better known as (MCT’s). 
  3. Cinnamon is an anti inflammatory and a fat burner.
  4. Pure maple syrup contains antioxidants and other vital minerals. 

All in all, no matter if you decide to enjoy this for breakfast or for dessert, I can assure you that you will completely forget that you are eating a “healthy” nutrient-dense meal once you are finished! This is a recipe that the whole family can enjoy!!! I look forward to hearing what you think after you have had a chance to make this :).

Recipe : 

1 can full fat coconut milk 

6 Tbsp of chia seeds 

1 tsp of pure vanilla extract

1-2 tbsp of pure maple syrup 

1 tbsp of cinnamon 


  1. Open and pour can of coconut milk into glass Tupperware.  
  2. Add the chia seeds and mix together. Be sure to break up any clumps of coconut until mixture is smooth. 
  3. Add your cinnamon and maple syrup, stirring until well combined.  
  4. Cover and put back into the fridge for at least 6 hrs/overnight until chia pudding thickens.
  5. When ready to eat, portion out your desired amount and add your toppings. 
  6. Enjoy!